Test yourself - Take the Centropa Cold War Quiz!

“If Stalin was alive there wouldn’t be anything left of us but a wet spot.” Who reportedly said that and at what occasion?
“It still stinks!” Graffito written on the side of Georgi Dimitrov’s mausoleum in Sofia. What was it referring to?
“Political reform will come to our country when pears grow on apple trees.” Who said that, and what happened to him?
“Ab sofort” (immediately) were the two most fateful words in postwar German history. Please explain.
Who was Che Guevara’s East German Jewish girlfriend and what happened to her?
George HW Bush wrote a letter to Polish strongman Marshall Wojciech Jaruzelski just before the Polish elections of 1989. What did President Bush encourage Jaruzelski to do?
Dean Reed, an American, was a household name in East Germany. Who was he?
Which came first in 1989? Poland voting in the first non-Communist prime minister or the fall of the Berlin Wall?
“But they keep dying on me!” What was Ronald Reagan referring to when he said that?
Gennadi Gerasiimov, Mikhail Gorbachev’s spokesman, spoke of “the Sinatra doctrine” at a news conference in October 1989. What was he referring to?

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